• Users are responsible for reading and comprehending this Shipping Policy. You are urged not to accept the Terms of Use and the Shipping Policy and to immediately stop using the Platform if you do not agree with the provisions in these documents. You agree to be governed by the terms included in this Shipping Policy and shall accept the terms contained herein without alteration.

  • Terms of Shipping
    Glowee Organics collaborates with outside logistic service providers to deliver products to customers ("Logistic Partners"). When Glowee Organics hands over the purchased Product(s) to the Logistic Partner, the User will be given information about the Logistic Partner who will deliver the Product(s) to the user end.

  • 2.1 We ensure the delivery of its Products all across the Globe, currently, we have a select list of areas where delivery can be undertaken. Users must input their pin-code information when placing an order for Items on the Platforms in order to confirm that deliveries can be made to their locations. We won't be able to continue with the order processing if the User's requested delivery location is outside of our established delivery network.

    2.2 The User will be required to enter a shipping address prior to making payments for products on the platforms. The User should make sure to submit accurate, comprehensive, and precise information when inputting shipping address details, as well as enough landmarks to make the address easier to identify. We will not be held responsible or held liable at any time for any failure to deliver the ordered Items resulting from the User's failure to supply correct, complete, and accurate information.

    2.4. Delivery of purchased products to the User will only be attempted a maximum of 3 (three) times. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to cancel the order for the acquired Items if the User is still unreachable after 3 (three) tries. We promise to use reasonable efforts to ensure that users receive the ordered items on time. But it's possible that the delivery could be postponed due to:

    1. a) unavoidable logistical problems, 

    b)unsuitable weather conditions, 

    1. c) political troubles, strikes, employee lockouts, etc., 
    2. d) some uncertain circumstances like floods, earthquakes, etc., and 
    3. e) other unanticipated circumstances.

    2.5. If there is a delay, we will make a reasonable effort to notify the User by sending it to his or her registered email address and/or mobile number. We disclaim all responsibility for any damages that may result from our failure to inform the User of anticipated delivery delays for products they have ordered through the Platforms. Furthermore, we are not obligated to pay the User anything for any suffering they may have endured or for any tort claims that may otherwise result from a delay in the shipment, delivery, or use of the acquired goods.

    2.6 The User will receive an order identity number by the successful order placement on our Platform and after that, we will successfully be delivered the purchased Product(s) to its Logistic Partner. This number will allow the User to track the progress of delivery of the purchased Products. We'll do our best to ensure that the tracking information for the ordered products is updated on time. We cannot, however, guarantee the correctness of the tracking status because it is updated in real-time and is susceptible to errors brought on by delays in updating the data and other technical issues outside of our control.

    2.7 On products with a value below a predetermined threshold and/or products that are paid for using an online payment method or cash on delivery, we reserve the right to charge shipping fees. If fees are incurred, they won't be reimbursed to the user for cancellations or returns that are made after the products have shipped, unless there was a problem with the product at the time of delivery. Upon delivery of the bought Products to the User, title, and risk of loss for any such Products shall transfer to the User.

    2.8. Glowee Organics' reverse logistics partners or its own delivery staff will handle the return and exchange of purchased goods. The Return and Refund Policy, which is available here, provides additional information on how Users may handle returns and exchanges of purchased Items.

    2.9. The usual delivery period for orders is 7 days.

    1. Grievance Redressal
    You may contact Glowee Organics' grievance officer with any complaints regarding the Delivery Policy by calling +91-9016011528.